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Curious and Enigmatic Thing
24 year old girl who loves tv, and reading. Drugs are bad... angels should wear seat belts too. I don't have anything worth putting in this space. Fandoms include Supernatural, Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, Marvel, Roosterteeth, and many more. Movies, any movie, I love going to the theater and watching just about anything.


has a girl ever kissed a boy? has a white girl ever kissed a white boy? has a cis white girl ever kissed a cis white boy? has this ever happened? john green asking the real questions

Just show us the piece of shit! (x)


bunnies are so stupid i love them

"My dad is like a huge fanboy!"

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that’s going to be on his fucking tombstone, ‘he felt fine’


Ray Narvaez Jr. Appreciation Post


acting cool around ur crush